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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Wow!  Where has the time gone?  The school year is ¾ of the way complete, but we still have lots to master and learn!  As our upper-grades, Third thru Fifth, prepare for New York State Assessments, students have made progress, but its been an upward climb!  We need our parents to continue their push, making certain that homework is being done and encouragement is a part of the daily conversation.  We continue to need your help in bringing our students into their full potential.  Together, we will get it done.

Thank you for your support in February for our 1st Annual Science Fair.  We had a total of 196 projects and displays, representing all of our students!  It was such a thrill listening to our Kindergarten students enthusiastically explaining their projects or displays.  Our teachers have done a good job this year insuring that our students know more about the world around them.  Third, Fourth, and Fifth graders are learning how to conduct research and investigations and ask the question of “WHY?”.  It was an exciting experience!  Thank you to all of the parents who stopped by to see the results and your help for getting projects completed. 

The Wax Museum of Prominent African-Americans presented by Grade 4 was so well received!  Students were proud of their accomplishment of research and preparation.  Every student knew his or her information, which was presented without the benefit of a written prompt!  The Fourth Grade team worked for months to be able to present such a beautiful full-day program.  Thanks Grade Four!

There are 3 weeks until the NYS Assessments for Grades 3-5.  Everyday counts!  I am asking that parents see to it that their child reads every single day.  Lack of students’ ability to sit and read for extended periods of time is the #1 Enemy of high performance!  Its not too late to begin today!  Completed homework will also support our students’ learning by their participation in continuous review.  Our observations have shown us that those students whose parents oversee homework completion, have students who perform well on State exams. 

Thank you for your continued support and confidence in our efforts.


Mrs. K. Jones, Principal

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